Specializing in Residential Roof Replacement

As certified installers, we offer a wide range of roofing shingle options. With years of experience we will ensure the job is done correctly and according to the guidelines of the manufacturers and backed by the best warranties. When we do an estimate, we use the latest equipment to guarantee the quote is accurate. We want to ensure you are well informed about options and know exactly what needs to be done and what the work entails.

Understanding the right roof for your project is just the beginning. We offer a multitude of services and products to accommodate your needs and budget!

Roof Repairs & Inspections

While every property eventually will need a new roof, this may not be the most cost effective solution for your home — especially if your roof only needs some minor repairs.

To stave off future issues and keep your property in excellent condition your roof must be properly maintained and immediately repaired if damaged to avoid complications to your roof and the rest of the building. We offer both inspection and repair services in Calgary.

Protect your investment and the interior of your home! No repair is too large or small and we pride ourselves in the ability to detect and fix potential leaks and issues. Please contact us to schedule a free estimate for your roof repair today!

All work is backed by a five-year comprehensive warranty on labor!